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Wood Look Tile - The Best of Both Worlds

Posted: Friday, July 12, 2013

Wood Look TileHave you ever hoped for, or dreamed of installing hardwood flooring into your kitchen or bathroom. The look and feel that hardwood offers just can’t be replicated. Adding that type of ambiance to your kitchen and bathroom would be a wish come true. Then reality hit – as did fear, fear of water damage in such volatile environments as your kitchen or bathroom. No way was it worth investing your money into hardwood flooring that couldn’t survive. So you accepted your fate and chose some vinyl or tile surface that never really did live up to your expectations.

If only you could have chosen hardwood.

Luckily we live in some amazing times. With modern technology pushing boundaries, porcelain and ceramic tiles can now replicate the look, and even the feel, of hardwood, without losing out on the durability and water resistance of the tile. In fact, as this technology advances, so do your options. More rustic choices are available, as are modern wood choices.

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But I want real wood …

Wood Look TileThere’ll always be people who shy away from tile, because they covet the thought of real hardwood. But stop for one moment and consider why it is you want real hardwood. Realistically it’s for the look and feel, correct? Today’s Wood Like Tile is so detailed and perfect, that it’s hard to decipher between it and authentic hardwood.

With ceramic or porcelain wood like tiles you:

  • Avoid scratches, nicks and chips that are dreaded by hardwood floor owners
  • Avoid the cracking and warping of wood in wet environments, meaning you can add a hardwood look to bathrooms, kitchens, decks and more
  • Have more freedom in the width and length of your planks without fear of paying tons more
  • Spend less time maintaining your floor.

Here are some tips to insuring your experience with wood like tiles is a positive one:

  1. Take special care to match your grout color properly. Even the slightest discoloration could make it obvious that your floor is tile, not hardwood
  2. Keep a few extra tiles on hand, just in case you need to replace a chipped tile and your specific tile is no longer available

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