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Large Format Floor Tiles - The New Trend

Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy FloorsWhile tile flooring, in general, continues to be a mainstay in trendy flooring, large format floor tiles in particular are becoming more and more popular in the industry. Large format tiles help create that clean spa or industrial look that many homeowners strive for, and not just in the bathroom.

When we talk about large format tiles, we’re talking sizes such as 12”x24,” 20”x24” and even 24” x24,” all of which you might equate to the tiles you see in subway stations. Yes, in the showroom, these tiles might look enormous, but once installed (either on your floor or walls), they’ll fit perfectly with your space.  In fact, these large tiles often present an “open look” that designers want in residential and commercial spaces. Smaller rooms could benefit from large format tiles, in large part due to fewer grout lines to cut up the space. However, you have to play a bit of a balancing act here. If you have a small room, and choose a tile too large, the room might become overpowered.

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If you are looking to expand the size of a room with large format tiles, be sure to pick a tile with very little pattern, as the pattern will steal away from that open look. Also, match the color of the grout to the color of the tile.

Happy FloorsIn fact, make sure to match the grout with the tile in large rooms as well, so that you avoid that checkerboard effect (unless that’s what you’re going for). Most people who choose large format floor tiles are seeking a flowing look, thus the fewer distractions (pattern, grout lines), the better.

If you are looking for a flowing effect, you may want to consider installing the same tiles on your walls that are on your floors.

No matter what sized room you’re working with, large format floor tiles can fit your needs. Like most other flooring designs, be sure to lay your room out on paper (scaled properly), and then try out different sized floorings in your drawing. If, for example, you have a small room, you’ll want to avoid too many awkward cuts (a result of using a tile size too large for your space). Be prepared and creative, and you’ll be happy with your end result.

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