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Alloc's Laminte Flooring

Posted: May 1, 2013

When it comes to laminate flooring, look no further than Alloc. Alloc invented the no-glue laminate flooring category 15 years ago, based on a mission to provide superior design and durability in flooring with safe and secure installation.

Alloc’s laminate flooring continues to make advances in the flooring industry. They feature enhanced finishes, beveling, textures, and detailing that make it impossible to notice the difference between laminate and real wood. It’s known as the first and only high pressure laminate.

Alloc offers diverse flooring types, including Alloc Elite, featuring 12.3 mm planks with piano and rustic finishes; their Alloc Original line, the line that was created more than a decade ago and the perfect example of beauty and durability.

Alloc Stone captures the look of stone in easy-to-install laminate planks. The Alloc Prestige line offers you great solutions for high traffic, including narrow 5” planks and wide 11.8” planks.

Alloc Domestic is ideal for busy families. It features Alloc’s patented locking system and each plank is impregnated with moisture-resistant wax and backed with Alloc’s Silent System, reducing the sound of footsteps.

Alloc CityScapes is ideal for a modern look with true wood finishes.

Regardless of the look you’re trying to capture, Alloc Laminate has the flooring for you.

A locking system like none other Alloc’s patented locking system ensures extremely strong joints that withstand the weight of heavy objects. While most other flooring manufacturers rely on locking systems created in China, Alloc is unique in that their system was created and is made in Europe.

Environmentally friendly

Create a warm environment inside your home without compromising the environment. Alloc uses sawdust and wood scrapings otherwise discarded to craft their superior-performance flooring.  All of thee waste created during their manufacturing process is used as energy, thus is completely kept from landfills.

Get the look of word flooring without the cost. Alloc Laminate continues to push boundaries in the world of laminate flooring.

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