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Mannington Revolutions Plank Collection

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2013

For those who already realize the amazing versatility, beauty and durability that laminate flooring offers, experiencing the best in laminate flooring can be overwhelming. For those unaware of the benefits of laminate flooring, they’ll take one look at Mannington Revolution’s Plank Collection and wonder what took them so long to get in the know.

Mannington Revolutions Plank Collection boasts Mannington’s state of the art technologies alongside a versatile array of looks. Are you looking for rustic? Sleek? Modern? Exotic? The Revolutions Plank Collection has a full line of award-winning designs ranging from Time Crafted Weathered Ash.

Each plank is 7 mm thick, 134 mm wide and weighs 32.3 pounds. The Mannington Revolutions Plank Collection offers a 250 year warranty for residential usage, as well as no-glue installation.

Why laminate?

Laminate is synonymous with durability, which is exactly what you want out of flooring. Laminate flooring is essentially indestructible. But the beauty of laminate flooring is just that … the beauty. Mannington Revolutions Plank Collections uses an advanced technology that captures the essence of, say, true hardwood, and also allows for easy-as-a-snap installation – the planks literally click together.

In recent years, Mannington has made amazing advancements with its laminate flooring. Now that the flooring comes in single planks, the wood laminate looks even more authentic than it has ever looked before.

Why choose Mannington over any other laminate flooring?

Mannington is known and revered for its quality. It is ISO 14001 and 9001 Certified, certifications that show Mannington’s commitment to its customers and environment. For the past two years, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has recognized Mannington (a New Jersey-based business) for its environmental excellence and healthy/sustainable business practices.

Mannington does not take these recognitions lightly. They’ve committed to making their operations more energy efficient, and are nationally recognized as a Better Plants Partner.

What does this mean for you?

Sure, there are many options to choose from for your flooring. And many manufacturers offer similarly competitive prices. By getting your flooring from Mannington, you’re supporting a proud U.S.-based company that has made a public commitment to reducing its energy intensity and bettering this country.

Not too bad for some laminate flooring. Feel free to view our entire line of laminate flooring at