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Mannington's Earthly Elements Revolutionary Hardwood

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2013

While other hardwood manufacturers continue to wallow through the conventional, Mannington has taken hardwood flooring to the next level. Their Earthly Elements flooring gives you artistic freedom like never before, thanks to their use of squares and rectangles, in addition the traditional planks.

Creating a unique look with your flooring has never been so easy:

    • Choose your colors

    • Choose your pattern

    • Design your floor

The Earthly Elements collection offers the finest hickory and oak hardwood, as well as five unique layouts to provide your custom look.

When designing your floor, you have the freedom to create a checkerboard look, a pinwheel affect, a weave, the traditional subway appearance, or herringbone. The various shapes offered by Earthly Elements provide you the freedom of design typically found with vinyl, not with fine hardwood flooring.

But that's what Mannington’s Earthly Elements is: fine hardwood flooring without the astronomical prices of so-called high-end manufacturers. Manufacturers such as DuChateau boast their high-end flooring as the finest available; however, when it comes to a beautiful hardwood flooring that is affordable, and durable, the engineered hardwood of Earthly Elements comes out ahead.

What is engineered hardwood?

Mannington's hardwood flooring is what is known as "engineeredhardwood." Engineered hardwood flooring has many benefits over a solid product, including:

  • Engineered hardwoods are made of several plies (layers), glued together in a cross-grain construction. The result is a stronger product than a simple piece of solid wood. This prevents buckling, gapping, cupping, twisting, and other common flaws found in solid hardwood

  • Engineered hardwoods can do something solid hardwoods cannot: they can be installed below grade and directly on concrete

  • Mannington’s engineered hardwoods have a top layer crafted from the finest Northern veneers, making them resistant to seasonal expansion

Can other hardwood flooring boast this type of environmental reputation?

Mannington's Earthly Elements uses half as many trees as solid wood floors, and renewable wood is used for the inner plies of this engineered hardwood. Mannington continues to be head and shoulders above its competitors in making environmentally sound choices, such as:

  • Reusing its mill waste for energy

  • Using only water-based finishes that contain no VOCs

  • Using a formaldehyde-free adhesive system that meets (and beats) stringent indoor air-quality standards

Higher-priced flooring does not mean higher-quality flooring


Plenty of other manufacturers jack up their prices to create an illusion of higher-end flooring. But this sheep-in-wolf's clothing tactic doesn't hide the fact that Mannington's Earthly Elements hardwood flooring looks, feels, and is as beautiful as any other hardwood in the market. The difference is, with Earthly Elements, you get a more durable floor, that's safer for you and the environment, at a more affordable price.

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