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Revolutions Tile Collection by Mannington

Posted: January 2, 2013

There’s something exciting and freeing about tile flooring. Mosaic patterns, traditional coloring and more all provide exquisite texture to a space. The creativity behind tile flooring is limited only to the imagination of the designer himself. Larger tiles make small rooms look more spacious. Using the same style tile from a floor to a wall provides a flowing look. The design options are nearly endless. Mannington’s Revolutions Tile Collection offers the beauty and versatility of tile as well as an unmatched durability, thanks to a state of the art technology that provides this laminate flooring with a texture and depth reminiscent of real tile.

Tile flooring is durable ... but not as durable as Mannington’s Revolutions Tile Collection

Ceramic tile flooring is durable, but is known to chip and crack. While this cracking can happen over a period of years, sometimes these flaws happen in an instant. Take, for example, if you install ceramic tile flooring into a kitchen. Accidentally dropping a can or appliance on the floor can cause a chip or crack. Replacing this cracked tile can be complicated and lead to further damage. Mannington’s Revolutions Tile Collection, however, has a leg up on ceramic tile. It looks like real tile. It feels like real tile. The only difference is it’s more durable than real tile. There are other advantages to the Revolutions Tile Collection vs. ceramic tile, including: 1. It’s less expensive 2. It’s significantly easier to maintain, and involves grout-free installation 3. It has a warmer feel underfoot than ceramic tile

Nearly maintenance free flooring

Mannington’s Revolution Tile Collection is the closest thing to maintenance-free flooring. The laminate flooring features a melamine-impregnated surface with aluminum oxide, making it resistant to dirt and dust. Keeping your floor clean is as simple as using a broom or vacuum.

Environmentally friendly flooring

The Revolution Tile Collection is also the only laminate flooring to hold FloorScore certified, meaning it complies with extremely strict indoor air-quality standards. It is made with over 74% recycled content and is installed without any type of potentially dangerous adhesives.

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