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Stepco's New Revolution Laminate Flooring with New Crystal-Tuff Surface

Posted: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Look out Mannington and Pergo, the new Revolution laminate flooring series by Stepco is taking over! The name is befitting of this product since it is truly revolutionary. First, the wide plank format combined with the slight micro-beveled edges creates a fantastic look not found in many other floors. Once installed in a room or entire home, it will help transform that area and give it a much larger overall appearance.

The real story here is their new Crystal-Tuff surface. Instead of being flat or like most other laminate floors flat with ticking, Stepco set out to change things for the better. When magnified the Crystal-Tuff surface has a high-low crystal type texture almost naked to the eye however this surface lives up to it's name. This micro-textured surface literally blocks wear from happening. In addition to fighting wear, this floor is extremely simple to clean and stays looking clean longer. Other floors with flat surfaces tend to show more streaking and blotting after being cleaned. They also tend to show the dirt quicker. 

Stepco is so confident in this new technology they're backing it with a 30 year residential and 5 year commercial warranty. There are few products that compare with this one and none of those few are priced as competitively.

The colors were carefully selected, showcasing some well known and very exotic wood flooring species. Stepco introduced the line with the first four colors. They will be introducing another ten colors over the coming months.

The Revolution laminate flooring series is the first for Stepco using their new Crystal-Tuff surface however when speaking with a Stepco representative we were informed that they will be launching several new product offerings featuring this surface technology. We can't wait to see them all!