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Exotic Hardwood: Magnolia

Posted: Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exotic Hardwoods Magnolia Magnolia is one of the lighter hardwood flooring choices available. Its sapwood is creamy, almost white in color and its heartwood is light to dark brown. Purplish and greenish black streaks sometimes can be found streaking through the grain. Typically, the grain is straight, which means there aren't any curves, knots, or whorls that interrupt the wood grain.

You've seen pictures of magnolia trees before. They bear beautiful white flowers with purple accents in the spring and give a sweet, fragrant scent. The wood used from this tree offers similar beauty to any room where it is laid as hardwood flooring. Magnolia is the Southern Belle of flooring.

The southern states of the United States claim home to most magnolias and are found mostly in wetlands. The wood of this tree is often compared to that of yellow poplar.

Machining and drilling do not pose many challenges for magnolia wood flooring. It is an easy wood to manipulate with most tools and it sandy easily. Also, it has good stability with nailing and glues well. The wood is moderately heavy and must be dried thoroughly before installing.

This Southern Belle often is revered as the most beautiful native tree in the country and as a flooring option this remains the same. Being easy to work with makes magnolia an agreeable choice for hardwood flooring.