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Exotic Hardwood: American Cherry

Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exotic Hardwoods American CherryImages of President George Washington as child chopping down his father’s cherry tree come to mind when thinking of American Cherry wood. “I cannot tell a lie,” was young George’s response to his father’s questioning of taking down this beautiful, flowering tree. The truth is that the beauty of this tree is only matched by the beauty of its lumber and finished flooring product. American Cherry’s lumber is also referred to as Black Cherry or North American Cherry.

For a choice in rich color flooring that can easily be matched with cabinets of the same species, American Cherry stands above many types of wood flooring. This easily-found wood is treasured for its reddish color and fine grain. American Cherry undergoes a distinct transition from pale pink to deep red once exposed to light.

It is a softer wood with a Janka rating of 950 and is two-thirds as hard as maple and five percent softer than teak. American Cherry’s softness makes it an easy product to cut and shape. It takes well to both hand and power tools and can be nailed in with ease. American Cherry sands well with a beautiful finish and has a high bending strength. Its flexibility makes it widely available for trim pieces and borders.

It can be considered a decorative wood often times as well, used as accents. American Cherry hosts a fine finish with a satin appearance that is also used to construct fine furniture. The color can vary significantly between flooring board and it is very sensitive to light exposure.

It is the rich reddish color that draws this valuable American hardwood into so many homes. For an honest flooring choice that is sure to add vibrant color to your home or office space, American Cherry holds great value.