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Minor Repairs to Bamboo Flooring

Posted: 01 JUL 2002

Strength and resilience were probably high on your list of requirements when you chose bamboo for your floor covering. But even the hardest species of bamboo are subject to mishaps, as are the hardest of hardwoods.

Bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring are very similar in nature. This makes them subject to the same types of damage and thus repairable by the same methods. The types of damage that may be encountered can run the gamut – from minor liquid spills to major structural damage. Fortunately, major structural damage is not the norm. So, we will take a look at some of the more common minor problems and ways to deal with them. It is important to note that even though the following repair methods are typical, you should always contact your flooring manufacturer for specific recommendations.

If your home is a typical family dwelling, with children and pets, your bamboo floor will no doubt experience its share of spills, droppings and puddles. Children are notorious for dropping food and spilling drinks – not that adults are exempt – and pets, well sometimes they just can’t wait until you get home…literally. Then there is always the opportunity for humans or animals to track in oil or grease.

To remove these common stains, use only a cleaner that has been specifically formulated for urethane-finished floors. If the stain is difficult to remove, re-apply the cleaner and scrub the area with a wood floor pad designed for urethane finishes.

Gum and waxy products, like crayons and candles, can also find their way onto your bamboo floor. To remove these types of items, cover the area with an ice-filled plastic bag until the gum or wax becomes brittle and is easily crumbled away. Then clean the area with a urethane cleaner.

Scratches are the most common form of damage encountered by any glossy floor surface. As far as bamboo flooring is concerned, scratches can be repaired with a urethane floor touch-up kit available through any wood floor retailer.

Probably the worst common floor surface problem is burn spots. Burns can be caused by a variety of things, but usually by tobacco products, matches, or fireplace embers. Light surface burns can be repaired with a urethane floor touch-up kit, but deeper burns may require replacement of the damaged plank or planks.

If your bamboo flooring is a floated installation and the planking is the no-glue, click together type, then replacing individual planks will be relatively easy. The glued down, nailed down, or stapled down installations, however, will be much more challenging. If your flooring was installed by one of these secured methods, it would be best to have a flooring professional do the repair.