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Exotic Hardwood: Brazilian Rosewood

Posted: Friday, August 19, 2011

Exotic Hardwoods Brazilian Rosewood Known for its wild and dramatic coloring, Brazilian Rosewood exemplifies all that is rare and exotic in hardwood flooring. This durable and dense wood is grown throughout Central and South America but is one of the most difficult species to find for residential and commercial use in the United States.

Brazilian Rosewood features a deep and dark brown coloring that often hosts purplish red and even black grains. The coloring is the true star of this hardwood and presents a bold option for any home or office looking for rich elegance in flooring.

With a Janka hardness of 1780, Brazilian Rosewood is known for its extreme hardness and density. It is seventy-nine percent harder than Hickory, twenty-two percent harder than Maple, and eight percent harder than Wenge. This strong wood resists high traffic and denting. Even with its strength, Brazilian Rosewoods remains workable able with machining and sand well.

Rosewood tends to reject oil-based stains and will not dry well. Water-based stains work better and will help to preserver the natural color of this unique wood. Brazilian Rosewood will darken and deepen in color over time.

Almost exclusively, Brazilian Rosewood is milled in South America for cost effectiveness. The cost of this already high-value wood nearly doubles if found unfinished form. The cost of this already valuable wood doubles ships with tongue-and-grooved ends. Width availability ranges from 2.25″ to 5″ and is most commonly bundled in seven-foot lengths.

A rare and exotic flooring choice, Brazilian Rosewood adds unique character to designer selections for any home or office. This one flooring that will be the envy of all of your guests because of its wild appearance, deep coloring, and limited availability.