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Exotic Hardwood: Afzelia

Posted: Thursday, August 18, 2011

Exotic Hardwoods Afzelia Afzelia, a strong, hard wood from tropical Africa is one of the most valuable woods available today. The name Afzelia refers to "African Wood" and is often traded under the name doussie. This exotic wood yields a strong durability with a luxurious finish sure to make an great first impression on visitors to your home or office.

It is an exotic species with very few knots in its grain. Typically, Afzelia’s grain is straight, yet interlocked and has a medium luster. The heartwood is mostly brown to red while the sapwood contrasts with yellow to white. Afzelia does take stain well because of its yellow pore deposits. You will not find knots in this sturdy African exotic.

Typical uses of Afzelia are fine wood floorings, stair rails, cabinets, and decorative doors. Because of its high value and contrasting grains, this flooring is sure to impress your guests. Using Afzelia in a foyer with heavy traffic makes an excellent stage for this African star.

Afzelia has a medium luster with a coarse texture. It sands very smoothly and polishes beautifully. Because of Afzelia’s strength, almost identical to that of Hickory’s, it is a flooring choice offered for longevity. When nailed down it has excellent holding ability and nailing the optimal installation for this product. Afzelia’s strength also provides high resistance to termites.

The core of this wood can sometimes leak a yellow die that can stain textiles, so finding a product that has been properly dried is important. It is Afzelia’s yellow coloring that allows flooring stains bring out the beauty of this highly valuable hard wood. If you want a flooring choice that endures and that people will talk about, this African beauty is for you.