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Exotic Hardwood: Mozambique Wood

Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exotic Hardwoods Mozambique For an interesting twist on designing a room, consider Mozambique Wood. There are number of varieties of Mozambique Wood that you can use in decorating your home:

Bloodwood: This wood has a rich, strawberry red toned color. This type of Mozambique Wood may also be known as Satine. You will note that this version is hard and heavy, and will require a high shine finish.

Ebony: This version will take on a black, dark color. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find a very fine pattern of lighter-tinged rays and bars. This wood is dense and very heavy, and can often be found in musical instruments.

Laburnum: This type is also very hardy, with a fine grain. Colors of Laburnum can run from dark green with brown, to a dark brown color.

Oak: This type of Mozambique Wood is known for its resistance to wear, and can often be found in heavy furniture. It has a moderate weight and density.

Pink Ivory: This is the rarest of all Mozambique Woods, and it has a compact grain pattern, with a pink tint. This wood may also be known as the Royal Wood of the Zulus; Pink Ivory is very involved in Mozambique culture.

Purple Heart: This is normally quite heavy and hard. The grain structure of this hardwood is typically very straight, very small, and curly. As this wood ages, you may note that the purple color of the wood will change to a dark brown patina. It can often be found in furniture, and will take on a glossy finish.

Zebrano: When considering Zebrano, you might find it used in items for your home décor. It takes on a light, gold tone, with narrow grains of dark brown ranging to black. You can brush this wood to a high shine.

African Blackwood: This dense hardwood is very expensive and difficult to work on; however, this wood will produce a resistant product that is simply gorgeous.

Kingwood: Another expensive version of Mozambique Wood that is hard to work on, it is also very resistant to wear and tear. But if you have the patience and time, it's worth looking at.