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Exotic Hardwood: Olive Wood

Posted: Monday, July 18, 2011

Exotic Hardwood Olive WoodFor an interesting and unique selection of hardwood flooring, you may want to consider olive wood. This is a beautiful type of wood that is sure to enrich any room in your house. You may even find your floor taking center stage at a dinner party or get-together in your home. This type of wood can be found in Africa, Italy, Spain, or Brazil, and is often harvested from the branches of older trees when fruit production begins to decline.

Olive wood is strong and hardy, and it is often used for woodcarvings and wood turning. Olive wood carries a green tone with a pronounced grain. Upon inspection, you will notice a woven texture to olive wood. You may even notice streaks of light yellow to brown with some orange mixed in. Over time, olive wood will mature in color; the green will darken and turn an almost uniform brown color. You may compare it in coloration to teak. The uniqueness of this wood can be found its intriguing grain pattern of each individual plank. On the Janka scale, Olive wood has a rating of 3700, while Red Oak has a hardness of 1260 to compare.

You can buy olive wood finished or unfinished. If you do decide to finish this wood, it will take to the finish quite well and will give off a nice sheen. Olive wood will commonly come in 3.25" x .75" solid hardwood flooring planks. Lengthwise, you will often find olive wood available in 38”, however anything between 12” to 84” can also be readily obtained. Because olive wood has a very high oil content, it is very stable and durable; many people use this fascinating kind of wood in bathrooms, kitchens, and wherever else moisture might be present.

Olive wood is often used to make various religious and historical artifacts. You may also find this wood in bowls, other interior décor pieces, furniture, and cabinetry. You may also notice a certain scent that it gives off while working with the wood.

To care for an olive wood floor, simply vacuum it daily with a vacuum head that has felt bumpers. These types of vacuum heads are typically made for hardwood floors. Wipe up spills with a wet paper towel and a cleaner specifically made for a hardwood floor.