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Product Review: Sicis

Posted: Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sicis TileIf unique is the most important word to use to describe your new floor, kitchen backsplash, or bathroom wall, then look no further than Sicis mosaic tiles. They offer their products in a variety of materials and shapes and in a thousand rainbows of colors.

Installation is almost an art, so you'll want some assistance to get the mosaic perfectly installed in your new space. But the payoff will be amazing. You can design innumerable designs and patterns to create a truly unique look that has your signature.

You can let your imagination run wild for your design or go with one of the samples Sicis has put together. Their catalogs of showplaces their products have been installed in is dazzling. If you have a space that needs the touch of glamour and almost over the top beauty, then Sicis could be great resource for you. They offer their mosaic pieces in marble, metal, and glass. The products are organized in dozens of collections, categories, and subcategories, so be prepared to be overwhelmed with choices, but it's a great way to be overwhelmed.

The materials Sicis uses are of the highest quality, and the company is dedicated to uncompromised excellence. From color to shape, your choices are endless. The mosaics come in just about any shape, most prolific being small squares. There are small elliptical shapes, curved pieces, and rectangles, just to name a few. Then on top of that, the various shapes also come in different textures such as netting, blots, dots, and shiny.

The color would be the next characteristic that Sicis blows you away with. They have every color you can think of, and some of the glass tiles actually have a gradation of color in the same small tile, allowing an amazingly detailed and delicate configuration of color. The amazing photo tapestry Sicis can create with tiny squares and other shapes is truly inspirational.

It's not your typical square tile look; the tiles are formed and shaped into anything from geometric designs to floral sprays to contemporary sleek lines. Your personal style elevated to stylish perfection is what you can achieve; anything is possible with Sicis.