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Exotic Hardwood: Mango Wood

Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exotic Hardwoods MangoIf you are looking for a unique type of wood flooring that is a “green” product, consider mango wood. Mango wood is a fast-growing, sustainable wood, with over 500 different varieties grown for its juicy fruit. However, once the tree grows over 90 feet, it will cease to produce fruit; this is the point where the grower can then make extra money by cutting down the tree and selling the wood. A mango seedling can grow up to 5 feet tall in a year, and mango trees can live for 100 years. Mango wood can be found in most tropic and subtropical areas, such as India, Southeast Asia, and Africa. You can also find mango wood in Hawaii and Florida.

Mango wood color can range from light golden blond to a deep, dark brown. With the different varieties of mango wood, you will have different grains: from a fiddle-back grain to a jagged grain to a curly grain, it will be sure to catch your eye.

After the wood is dried, you will get a marbled effect with the color that will make each floor unique. All mango wood is a soft hardwood, so you will want to avoid using it in heavily-trafficked areas. It may be best suited to rooms where people may not frequent, like a den, dining room, or guest room.

It is also a heavy wood. The texture of raw mango wood is coarse, and will often contain many color variations. After kiln-drying, mango wood is often treated and sealed before it is used commercially to protect it from fungal attacks. Mango wood is also water resistant, but in areas with extreme cold or extremely dry heat, it may require an occasional oil polishing to reseal the wood.

Mango wood is also used to make bowls, furniture, picture frames, and other decorative items; this would be a great way to tie in your flooring with your interior décor. Some countries even use mango wood as timber, window frames, plywood sheets, and charcoal. This multi-use wood is related to the cashew, and is often used as crates to ship cashews in.