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MetroFlor Hybrid

Posted: Monday, June 20, 2011

Metroflor HybridIf you're looking to remodel a room or are building, and you are considering hardwood flooring, you definitely need to take a look at MetroFlor's Hyrid line. It's a brilliant combination of engineered hardwood, laminate flooring, and vinyl that results in a super-durable, beautiful product that will give any other flooring type a run for its money. It's sound absorbing as well as warm and impact absorbing underfoot, and if your budget can't quite extend to solid or even engineered hardwood levels, then the hybrid floor might just be for you.

Basically what MetroFlor has done is created a product that brings together the best of laminate flooring and vinyl to provide a completely new product. Typically laminate flooring is composed of a fiberboard core, a paper printed layer (the part that resembles hardwood), and several layers of a finish.

In MetroFlor's Hybrid flooring, that printed layer is actually vinyl backed, and the finish is called their "wear layer," which has a ceramic bead finish. These layers are all fused together under high heat and intense pressure, producing a solid piece that is made to last. For the regular Hybrid line, the wear layer is 12mil; the products in the Hybrid Plus line have a 20mil wear layer, giving an even more durable surface.

MetroFlor is also committed to eco-friendly processes and often uses recycled vinyl in their production. All of the products have little to no VOCs, they're anti-allergenic, and resist mold and mildew, and can be 100% recycled.

The Hybrid flooring is guaranteed to resist stains and most household chemicals. It will not fade and has one of the easiest maintenance profiles of any type of flooring, especially its solid or engineered hardwood cousins. You never have to wax or sand or refinish these floors, and they're guaranteed to retain dimensional stability. These floors can be used, of course, in residential flooring but are also durable enough to be installed in commercial environments as well.

MetroFlor offers its Hybrid line in a variety of styles and colors, from Ice Maple and Buttercream to the dark, rich tones of Acacia Koa. So if you have a budget to keep to but still want the luxurious look and feel of hardwood flooring, be sure to include MetroFlor's Hybrid lines as you're searching for the right floor for your new space.