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Product Review: Robina Hardwood

Posted: Friday, May 13, 2011

Robina Hardwood Floors Product ReviewDo you have a new room that you are designing literally from the ground up? The foundation of your room is the most important part, and that foundation, of course, is the floor. Hardwood flooring is the best investment you can make in your home, and Robina Floors is a great source for top quality engineered hardwood flooring.

You can search for the floor you envision for your room in a variety of ways. If you know the species of tree you'd like, maybe to match other flooring in a remodeled home or to match other features of your home or office, you can search Robina's products by species. They have flooring available in birch, hickory, and white and red oak as well as exotic hardwoods such as sapele, ovengkol, and jatoba.

Each of these are available in a variety of colors, which is yet another characteristic you can search by. Robina Floors categorizes their offerings in three simple colors, dark, medium, and light, so if you know you need a pale wood that will fit in with a modern, sophisticated look or a dark chocolate colored, distressed style for a rustic cabin, then you can narrow your search to only light or dark colored selections.

Robina also organizes by collection. They offer the Classic series, the Heritage series, and the Vogue series. Each has a unique look and feel that can help you narrow down and organize your search. You can also decide on the right hardwood flooring by how the floor is installed. Most selections can be installed with glue-down, nail-down, or a floating methods. And beyond the basic species and colors, you can select varying widths from standard 3-1/2-inch boards up to 5 inches, and you can select finishing work such as distressing or smooth finish or beveled edge.

As you can see, Robina has just about any combination of features to provide you the precise look you are going for in your new construction or remodel—and they make it so easy. From Distressed Antique Hickory to the beautifully grained, smooth finish Midnight oak to the pale, golden Royal jatoba, you will find what you are looking for with Robina.