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Product Review: Pinnacle Hardwood Flooring

Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pinnacle Hardwood Flooring Product ReviewNothing adds value and class to a home or office like hardwood flooring. And with Pinnacle's wood flooring, you can trust your investment to the best. Pinnacle, which was founded in 1999, has production facilities around the globe and offers a huge array of hardwood flooring products in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. Consider Pinnacle for your next flooring project…but be prepared for lots of choices.

First, Pinnacle manufactures both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. In look, you can barely tell the difference between solid and engineered flooring, but in function, there are a few differences you need to consider when deciding on your style. Both types of flooring are durable and strong, but you'll get the edge on strength with engineered flooring, and maintenance for engineered hardwood flooring can be a touch easier.

The really interesting difference between the two is that you would never want to install solid hardwood flooring "below grade," but with most engineered flooring, it's no problem. So depending on where you're wanting to install the floor, one or the other might be a better choice.

Pinnacle's flooring comes in standard widths all the way up to extra wide 7-inch planks, allowing you the versatility and style choice that works best for your room. Most of Pinnacle's flooring can be installed via a glue-down or nail-down method, but there are some engineered selections that can actually be installed as a floating floor. Again, based on your needs, Pinnacle has the answer for you.

So the choices really haven't even begun yet. After you decide on style, width, and installation, then you have to decide on your favorite combination of color and texture. Pinnacle's hardwood flooring is organized into over 15 collections, each with its unique signature and feel. You can choose from the oak and maple hardwood flooring in the Americana Collection, in shades that range from natural white oak to the dark tones of the Sedona maple. Or find your style in the Estate Classics Collection, with its beautiful contrasting colors in Black Cherry ash or the rich golden hues of Peanut Brittle.

But the work's not over yet. You also can select from hand or machine scraped textures or smooth, glossy finishes. But no matter what combination you go with, Pinnacle's quality craftsmanship will be its firm foundation.