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Steam Clean Your Tile & Grout Floors

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steam cleaning your tile & groutIf you have ceramic tile or stone installed in your home or office, at some point, it's likely that your grout will need to be deep cleaned. There are lots of products out there you can use to clean your ceramic tile floor and its grout, but have you considered steam? If you've been cleaning your tile and grout any other way, you're sure to get on the steam bandwagon after learning a bit about it.

When a tile floor is installed, one of the most important steps is to seal the grout. Some do-it-yourselfers might miss this step, and even if it is properly sealed, if not resealed after a time, the sealant can break down, allowing the grout to absorb dirt, stains, mold, or other nasty visitors you don't want permanently embedded in your kitchen or bathroom floor.

And even if you clean your floor religiously, a creeping grime in your grout will eventually make your otherwise clean floor look dirty. And no one wants their hard work ignored because of one part that is resistant to cleaning efforts.

There are many chemicals out there that can help remove these stains, but more often than not, these might affect your indoor air quality in a way you'd rather avoid, and the Cinderella syndrome will certainly play a part because with this type of cleaning, a scrub brush and a kneeling pad…and a lot of time…are going to be needed.

Consider steam instead. There are several steam cleaners on the market today that will fit the bill for you grout cleaning needs. There are the big-dog industrial steam cleaners for restaurants and hotels or hospitals — which would be overkill for a house — but there are several mid-range products that can tackle the job for you.

You can also hire professionals to come in with specialized equipment to clean your tile flooring, but that's going to come at a premium. You just have to balance the cost of your time and effort versus the cost of bringing in a service. But whichever way you go, steam, because of its instantaneous, bacteria-killing disinfectant nature — using no chemicals — as well as its ability to drill down into the tiny pores of tile and grout to pull out the grime, it's an option you definitely need to put on your list.

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