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Product Review: Johnson Hardwood

Posted: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Johnson Premium Hardwood Flooring - Product ReviewIf you don't already have a look in mind for your new hardwood floor, or even if you do, be prepared for a tidal wave of options at Johnson Premium Hardwood Flooring. They are your go-to supplier for hardwood flooring products and have a tremendous number of styles, colors, and species to choose from. But beyond their remarkable lines of products, the sourcing of those products is equally stellar. Their commitment to sustainability and responsible timbering as well as manufacturing practices is inspiring and is the standard for environment-consciousness.

Most flooring companies claim to have the environment at heart in their harvesting and manufacturing processes, but Johnson takes this commitment further than many. First, many of their product lines feature engineered hardwood flooring, not solid, so they realize a yield of four to five times that of the raw material used in solid construction. They actually power much of their electricity demand as well as steam requirements by burning the scraps of wood left over from the manufacturing process. Johnson also repurposes their captured sawdust into "pellets" that are then used as efficient sources of heating fuel for people in their local communities.

And for the materials other than the wood itself used to produce their final products, they apply the same strict standards of quality and safety. Engineered flooring, which makes up 70% of Johnson's products, uses an adhesive to fuse the layers of hardwood veneers together to form the final board; this adhesive meets the German E-1 standard for formaldehyde emissions, which is one of the most stringent in the industry.

Also the finishes applied to Johnson's hardwood flooring planks that protect the wood from scratching, denting, and staining, are water-based, which is more eco-friendly than other solvent or oil-based finishes. So from tree to final product, Johnson Premium Hardwood Flooring devotes their energies not only to producing quality, but also doing what they do with quality and responsibility as well.

To top off this glowing report of Johnson's environmentally responsible practices, you have to take a look at the actual products and you'll be impressed. From the handscraped Texas oak or the Heritage hickory to the rugged Brazilian walnut in their Carnaval collection—in widths that range from 3.75" all the way up to a whopping 6.25", there's certainly a look that will be the statement you envision for your new room.