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Product Review: Cala Hardwood Flooring

Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cala HardwoodSimple, elegant beauty. That's hardwood flooring, and Cala brings you the very best. Hardwood sometimes gets a bad rap because of all the competing products that have come to popularity over the last several years, but the reality is, hardwood flooring is the gold standard in home flooring. It has a warmth and authenticity that has been relied on for centuries, and that will probably be loved for centuries to come.

Based out of Oklahoma City, Cala has been supplying superior quality hardwood flooring materials for over 10 years. They pride themselves on their quality of products as well as their quality of service. They organize their products in two basic collections, Generation and Vogue, and they pack in an amazing range of colors, styles, sizes, and species into these collections.

You probably know what you're looking for already and have a vision for your new room, but when you see the choices Cala offers, it might get tough. You can select from a light oak or maple all the way to a chocolate colored Ipe (a Brazilian walnut) or even a fiery red-toned Sapelli. They also offer their engineered hardwood flooring planks in a range of sizes. You can choose standard, narrower slats or extra-wide 5" planks that will bring a unique and rustic appeal to your new floor. They also offer a unique 7' length, so put those together, and you get quite the distinctive look.

Cala uses the Treffert finishing system on their flooring. This is basically a seven-coat finish of ultra-violet cured polyurethane that contains aluminum oxide crystals, which gives the hardwood planks super-durable, scratch-resistant protection that will keep the floor's beauty intact even in the face of spills and traffic.

The different products have various recommended installation methods, and your product's documentation will tell you the appropriate steps to get your floor installed. There's a floating floor method, glue down, and nail/staple down. While you can install hardwoods yourself, if you've never done it before, you will definitely want to make certain you thoroughly understand the installation guide, consult an experienced installer for guidance, or consider hiring the job done. Again, it's not super difficult, but there are tricks to the trade that can improve the quality of your floor as well as its longevity.

Enjoy your new Cala floor and have fun showing it off. Actually, quality like this shows itself off.