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Product Review: Cikel Hardwood Flooring

Posted: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cikel Hardwood FlooringHardwood floors. For centuries people have appreciated the beauty and functionality of one of our most prolific natural resources in our homes. It has been a staple of construction, and it is unrivaled in its warmth, beauty, and charm. Cikel, a hardwood flooring company based in Brazil brings a tremendous amount of social, environmental, and economic responsibility to their offerings, not to mention superb quality.

Cikel has been in the timber industry since 1977 and takes its responsibilities very seriously. They ascribe to the most stringent environmental regulations for sustainability. They devote time and resources to constantly improve their technology and make certain their timbering practices and operations do not have negative impact on their society and ecology.

Not only do they concentrate effort to make their processes eco-friendly, Cikel they also invests in the communities that house their factories and offices. They have built education and community centers and are committed to improving the socio-economic status of the people that are the heartbeat of Cikel's operations—and protect their workers rights as well as in keeping to the highest standards for safety and quality working environments. So from every standpoint, you can rest assured that the products you get from Cikel are forged with thoughtful and responsible actions and policies. Quality product, quality company.

This remarkable supplier offers several different collections and some unique products that you might not find just anywhere. Cikel gives you the choice between solid or engineered hardwood flooring products in a huge variety of colors, textures, and species. You can get dark coffee colored, handscraped planking or a blanched plank with a smooth, glossy finish—and everything in between.

They also have a really neat product called Finestrip. It's made up of standard sized planking, but within the planks, the wood is arranged in small strips that gives the illusion of very narrow planking—a very unique and creative look. Cikel has just about any combination of style and color for any look out there.

You have envisioned your new room or office, so let Cikel bring that picture in your mind to reality, and you can feel good that you have supported a truly conscientious company when you stroll across your beautiful hardwood floor.