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Product Review: Barlinek Hardwood Flooring

Posted: Friday, March 11, 2011

Poland…probably not the first country that pops into your mind when you think of hardwood flooring, but Poland is the birthplace of a fabulous company, Barlinek Natural Floors.

This company takes hardwood flooring to a whole new level. Their awesome array of choices, which are organized intelligently based on the intended use and location of the floor, will stimulate your thinking on the possibilities for your room.

Barlinek offers four different collections, Linea Exclusive, Linea Professional, Linea Classic, and Linea Life, as well as a "sport" product that is designed especially for areas for physical activity, such as fitness rooms, racquetball courts, and gyms. Depending on your needs, Barlinek has a product that will fit beautifully into your space.

Linea Life selections, for example, are at the lower end of the cost range and are great for families who see lots of traffic throughout their rooms as well as the occasional spill. You don't want to install any hardwood floor in a bathroom that has a shower or bathtub because of pooling water, but just about any other spot in the home or office can benefit from the durability, warmth, and beauty of a Barlinek hardwood floor, especially from the Life collection.

Barlinek offers both an engineered product, which is comprised of layers (the number of layers varies with the different products) that are glued and compressed and then "topped" with a thick layer of veneer in the wood of your choice to form a plank that is almost indistinguishable from traditional hardwood flooring products, and solid planking. Engineered flooring can actually take moisture fluctuation and more traffic than its solid cousin. Each of the collections offer amazing styles and textures as well as different color choices from dark "espresso" oak to light blond ash.

It's clear that Barlinek can certainly provide the look and style and installation method that will work beautifully for your flooring project, but something else to note about this company is its commitment to responsible forestry. Not only do they extend immense respect and care to the raw materials they use for their flooring, but they also have implemented the "1-for-1" Rule for their sustainable forest management, where for every packaged box of floorboards, a new tree is planted.

So from terrific variety and a premier standard of quality and beauty, to Barlinek's devotion to sustainability and eco-friendly production, this is a company to consider seriously when choosing your new floor.