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Product Review: BR111 Hardwood Flooring

Posted: Friday, March 4, 2011

Sometimes you just really want the real thing. There are hundreds of great products out there that mimic the look of traditional hardwood, and they're great. But if you're a traditionalist or are trying to keep the authenticity of a remodeled home, then tried and true hardwood is still a fantastic choice. And if you want the very best of the best, you need to take a look at BR111's lines of gorgeous exotic solid hardwood flooring products.

Hardwood flooring, just like any type of flooring, comes in a variety of styles, shades, textures, and price points. There's sure to be one for you if hardwood is what you have your heart set on. BR111 offers everything from Brazilian Cherry to Tiete Chestnut to Tigerwood, all of impeccable quality and beauty.

Installation-wise, you're going to want to have some consultation if you want to try to install hardwood yourself, and if you have the means, professional installers are definitely the way to go with the challenge level hardwood brings.

Care and maintenance of hardwood is not the horror story that you sometimes hear about. And one thing to know and accept from the start is the fact that all floors are going to be susceptible to scratches and dents. BR111 coats their products with a stain and scratch-resistant, and incredibly strong aluminum oxide coating, but accidents (and pets!) do happen.

You can help protect your floor first by making sure pets' nails are kept trim and blunt, and keep rugs at the entrances from the outside to catch debris and dirt that gets tracked in. There's half your battle right there.

One thing about rugs to think about, though, is that natural hardwood is going to "age" over time depending on the amount of ultraviolet light from the sun it is exposed to. This is natural and shouldn't be overly feared, but if your rugs stay in the same place year after year, when you move them, you might see a color difference between where the rug was placed and the rest of the floor.

Over time, if you expose the area, it will even out, but to avoid that, be sure to rotate rugs and furniture periodically to allow an even distribution to the sunlight coming into the room. Luckily BR111's solid and engineered flooring products also can be refinished multiple times (just check with your vendor and documentation of your product) if you need that extra level of correction.

Hardwood flooring has passed the test of time, and its classic, rustic charm and smell and feel cannot be replicated one hundred percent. If real hardwood is what you envision for your new room, be sure to consult BR111's amazing array of products to give your room that extra note of class and luxury.