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Product Review: Nova Distinctive Cork Floors

Posted: Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cork. For flooring? Absolutely. Cork has been used for centuries for everything from shoes to bottle stoppers to, of course, flooring. In the days of old, people, of course, didn't have the technical terminology we have now for this amazing raw material, such as its anti-microbial and allergenic natures, but their instincts were right in using it, and we follow in their steps today.

Nova Distinctive Floors is a supplier of high-quality cork flooring products and is a great avenue to find the right choice for your next project.

Nova provides an impressive selection of cork floor panels and tiles. They come in colors that range from a blanched white, or stone, to natural cork coloring in browns and tans, to nearly jet black. And every single style has a unique look that bring its own flair and intrigue. You can choose to install your cork floor via glued-down tiles or a floating style. Cork can be installed over just about any subfloor, too, so you're not limited as you would be with products such as hardwood. But the look you get is every bit as luxurious and rustic.

Cork actually comes from a cork tree, which may seem kind of funny. No, they don't have tiny corks hanging from their branches, though it's a charming image. What we identify as "cork" is actually the bark from the cork oak found in Portugal, Spain, and around the Mediterranean.

And for all you conservationists out there, cork is definitely a choice you'll want to consider. The cork is harvested from the tree about every nine years after a tree reaches maturity. The bark is stripped (which must be done by experts by hand), which does no harm to the tree, and then over the next decade or so, the bark completely regenerates, to be harvested yet again, and a tree can live up to 200 years, so this product is certainly the standard in sustainability.

Cork is relatively easy to maintain as well. You simply need to sweep it periodically, depending on the amount of traffic the floor sees, and then mop as needed with a soft sponge head and a spray mist of a mixture of vinegar and water. (You never want to completely flood a cork floor.)

So from ease of maintenance to rustic charm to its eco-friendly nature, cork is a terrific way to go, and Nova Distinctive Floors can get you on the cork-lined path.