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Product Review: HomeLegend Cork

Posted: Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Legend Cork FlooringHave you ever considered cork for a floor? Most people minds generally jump to hardwood, carpet, or tile for flooring at first thought, but cork is increasingly becoming a big player in the flooring industry. If you don't know much about cork, read on. It might just give you the inspiration to make cork flooring your top choice for your next flooring project. And Home Legend is the go-to supplier for this go-to product.

Cork is an amazing raw material. It comes from Mediterranean countries, most prolifically from Portugal. The product we know as cork is actually the bark of the cork oak, which is "harvested" every nine years or so, wherein almost all of the bark is stripped from the tree. You'd think that would mean disaster for a tree, but not so with cork oak—it does absolutely no damage to the tree if done properly. The cork oak can live up to 200 years and in that time can be harvested upwards of 15-20 times, yielding more each harvest with the increased size of the tree. Talk about environmentally sustainable!

Not only that, but every bit of the harvested bark is used…there is no "scrap" because the material left over from the production of wine stoppers is what is used to make other cork products, including and predominantly flooring. This is a product you can feel proud to have in your home or office because it didn't come at a too high cost to the environment.

Home Legend offers a high quality, beautiful selection of cork products in a range of natural colors and styles that are installed via an interlocking, floating method, which makes for a pretty easy installation. The cork planking or tiles come sealed with a water-based polyurethane coating, which helps in its scratch and water-resistance.

Cork is also naturally anti-microbial and allergenic, which makes it a great choice for anyone sensitive to molds and indoor allergens. The look you get with cork is similar to that of hardwood flooring, but the feel is very different. Because cork is a natural thermal insulator, you're going to get a warm, luxurious feel that other types of products just can't offer. Its cellular makeup also makes the finished product impact-resistant and comfortable to walk on. And though cork doesn't rank very high on the JANKA hardness testing, its resilient nature makes it durable and will last a very long time when maintained.

Be certain to check out Home Legend cork products for your next project. It's a choice that is environmentally responsible, superior in quality, and has innumerable benefits that you'll enjoy for years to come.