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How to Plan and Design a Bedroom Hardwood Flooring Project

Posted: Friday, February 18, 2011

Plan & design a bedroom with hardwood flooringHardwood…in a bedroom? Absolutely. The old rule for bedrooms has always been carpeting, but as new products are developed and fashions trends are set, the rules change. You can have gorgeous, functional, and long-lasting hardwood flooring in your bedroom and still have the warmth and coziness everyone expects in the boudoir.

Hardwood is definitely on the top of the scale, cost-wise, but if the look you want is worth the budget push, then go for it; you'll be delighted with your finished product.

First, you need to decide on your colors. Hardwood flooring, of course, comes in a huge range of colors, styles, and textures. And the great thing about the hardwood as compared to carpet is that you can change your décor…lighting, paint, accents…over the years and not have to worry about your carpet not matching anymore. Hardwood flooring goes beautifully with just about any design and color scheme.

You'll also want to decide on your accent rugs, which you'll likely want to have to add that touch of extra warmth to the floor…even with hardwood, you're going to get some cold toes on the winter morning, when your feet hit it directly. Just choose styles and colors that work well with your floor as well as the décor on the whole.

Installation of hardwood is a bit tricky, so you'll most likely want to hire professionals… be sure to incorporate that into the budget as you are planning. You can have someone do the whole project for you from beginning to end, or you can piecemeal the project (you measure and purchase the product(s) and hire someone just for the installation).

If you do want to try your hand, do a good deal of research and get as much help and instruction as you can. You'll need to find out how much hardwood flooring you're going to need, so do precise measurement of the floor space from wall to wall in both directions, remembering to account for any existing trim or edging.

Luckily, most bedrooms don't have a lot of fixtures to work around, so of all rooms, this should be the easiest to floor with hardwoods. If you're really lucky and your house is of a certain age, you might uncover a jewel under your carpets when you pull them up, and you can just resurface them…now that would be a lucky break!