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Product Review: Wellmade Performance Bamboo Flooring

Posted: Monday, February 07, 2011

Wellmade Performance Flooring - Bamboo

Are you looking for a new floor? Look no further than Wellmade Performance Flooring. And if you're looking for something that makes your environmental pride shine, then Wellmade's bamboo flooring is something you should really take a look at.

Bamboo flooring has come to be a forerunner in the hardwood flooring competition. Traditional hardwoods have been used for centuries and are an excellent, beautiful choice as well, but its bamboo's environmental edge is what is bringing it up in the running.

Bamboo, oddly enough, isn't even wood. It's actually a grass, but its qualities very much resemble traditional hardwood. So its strength and durability are a tremendous match with its prolific, renewable nature. Bamboo doesn't even have to be replanted; it replenishes itself and at a rate that traditional hardwood can't hold a candle to. While an oak tree might take 50 years to be mature and large enough to be harvestable for production, bamboo is ready to go in around 5 years. So you can feel really good if your choice is bamboo.

Beyond this, Wellmade's bamboo flooring is actually engineered hardwood, not solid. But don't let that dissuade you. Engineered flooring isn't "fake." It's actually a great choice, again, for its eco-friendly nature.

Engineered wood flooring actually uses less raw material, which also makes it a great green choice. Each plank has a core of fiberboard that is made of recycled and scrap wood debris that is compressed to form a strong base.

A veneer of the solid wood is then fused to the top of the core and finished with scratch-resistant aluminum oxide coating, which makes the finished product incredibly durable. When you look into bamboo, you'll find a version of flooring called strand woven bamboo as well, in which thin strips and smaller portions of bamboo (waste, actually, from the processing of solid planking) are fused and compressed together with adhesive that gives a beautiful rustic look.

This method of production gives the finished product an extra boost of strength, but either way you go, with Wellmade, you can't go wrong.

Wellmade Performance brings its customers a wide range of colors, stains, styles, and finishes as well from natural to mahogany and dark walnut as well as smooth and handscraped. There's sure to be a selection that will be that perfect final touch on your new room.