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Product Review: Style Bamboo Flooring

Posted: Thursday, February 03, 2011

Style Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has gained wide appeal in recent years, and it's easy to tell why. Bamboo is an environmentally smart product, durable, strong, and absolutely beautiful. Style from Australia has a nice selection of bamboo flooring products that will bring any flooring project you're working on up a notch.

Moso bamboo is the raw material Style Flooring uses for their bamboo line. Bamboo is a tremendous source for flooring because it is highly prolific and grows exponentially faster than traditional hardwood. Bamboo is ready to harvest in about five years, but traditional hardwood trees aren't ready for harvest until they're around 60 years old. So the sustainability and renewability of bamboo is something that can give you peace of mind if the environment is something you feel strongly about in your materials choices. Bamboo is also just as hard if not harder than your oaks, maples, and poplars, and with Style's StyleGuard™ coating, your floor will be nicely protected from normal wear and tear. Their flooring is also sound and impact qualified.

Style, Australia's only eco-certified bamboo product, offers a couple of different installation methods. They have a solid product that can be installed as a floating floor and utilizes the Uniclic© interlocking planking system. It's rare to have a solid hardwood floor that doesn't need any glue, staples, or nails!

But it's especially nice because it reduces the difficulty level and labor cost of installation. Style also offers their strand woven line in a tongue and groove installation method. You can install it as a floating floor, or you can use glue or nails to make your installation more permanent. The more permanent you go, though, the more difficult it is to replace individual tiles, so that's something to consider. The Uniclic© system makes it easy to replace planking. Both styles can also be sanded down and refinished if necessary later in the life of your floor or if you sustain some severe damage.

Style offers a nice selection of colors and finishes and can be used in residential or commercial locations, and other than places that will face a significant amount of moisture, Style's bamboo flooring can be used just about anywhere. There's sure to be one that will fill the bill for your new floor.