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Product Review: Ceres Cork Flooring

Posted: Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ceres Cork Flooring

Cork…Immediate associations might be champagne bottles and bulletin boards and probably not flooring, but if you're looking to install a new floor, you should really consider this renewable, environmentally smart and beautiful product. Ceres Flooring offers a wide selection of colors and styles of cork floors. They can help you create beautiful, unique designs that will fit with any décor.

Cork comes from a specific type of oak tree found in the areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Its bark has almost miraculous properties. The bark is very thick and can be removed in large sections. The second layer under the outer bark is what we call "cork." What's amazing is that after the first harvest of a tree (at about 25 years of maturity), it takes about eight years, but the tree actually regenerates the bark where it had been removed. Then every eight or nine years, the same tree can be reharvested as long as the tree lives. That's sustainability at its best.

But cork's eco-friendly nature is not the only thing that makes it a tremendous material for flooring. Its resilience helps to keep it protected from dents and scratches. The traditional urethane coatings do a good job of further protecting the cork tiles and planking, but Ceres' cork uses a ceramic oxide coating, which is the most effective finish, far and away better than the traditional coatings. It makes maintenance easier, has three to four times the abrasion resistance, has tiny ceramic microbeads that makes the floor more slip-resistant, and is VOC-free (yet another boon for Ceres' environmental consciousness). It's certainly the top-shelf of protection.

Maintenance is always a consideration for new flooring…how tough is it going to be to keep a new floor looking new? With Ceres cork, you can put your mind at ease. Sweeping and dust mopping is basically the extent of maintaining a cork floor. You just don't want to flood the floor with water…moisture and any type of wood flooring aren't a good mix. Ceres also provides special cleaner specifically for their cork flooring. Just use door mats to catch debris and dirt and furniture casters to avoid indentation from heavy pieces that stay in the same location on the floor.

Because of its durability, impact resistance, and general strength, cork is great for any application from residential to commercial to corporate to educational institutions. Consider cork—it could be exactly what you're looking for.