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Product Review: LM Bamboo Flooring

Posted: Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LM Bamboo Flooring

Carollton, Texas, is home to LM Flooring, a company that has been in operation since 2001, and is a premier supplier of several types of hardwood flooring, including an engineered bamboo line. LM prides itself on its quality products as well as being an environmentally-conscious operation. If you are looking for beautiful bamboo, take a look at LM.

Bamboo is an amazing raw material. Though it's categorized as a "hardwood," it's actually a grass. Its properties, however, are almost identical to typical hardwood material, though maybe with an extra boost of strength. There are two basic orientations of bamboo flooring, vertical and horizontal.

Basically the strips of bamboo (which would be of similar thickness) are either fused together with their wide sides forming the surface of the plank (for horizontal) or with their narrow sides forming the top of the plank (for vertical). Strength is similar, but you get a slightly different look. Yet they're both gorgeous, so you really can't go wrong.

LM offers bamboo in its Kendall Exotics line and its Heritage hand-scraped selections. Hand-scraped wood flooring adds a rustic, natural look to the wood as its natural grain and striations are given texture, and when the finishing coatings are applied, the "rutted" yet smooth look is achieved. A completely smooth finish is also available in bamboo's natural color as well as the darker, carbonized color.

Carbonized bamboo is not painted or stained. Carbonization is a process in which the bamboo is boiled, and depending on how long it is boiled, the color changes; the longer the boil, the darker the color. This does slightly affect the hardness of the finished product but not too significantly.

LM Flooring takes sustainability and the environment seriously. Not only do they use raw materials, including bamboo, that are grown on controlled plantations and are not from natural forests, they also adhere to the most rigorous standards in the use of solvents, glues, and coatings to ensure low-VOC emissions for indoor air quality. And of course, bamboo is the rockstar of renewable resources. It grows substantially faster than traditional hardwoods and is very prolific. Beyond all these standards, LM Flooring is also engineered hardwood, which means they use a fraction of the amount of raw materials that traditional, solid hardwood does.

So with high standards of quality and variety as well as eco-friendliness, be sure to consider LM Flooring for your next project.