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Home Legend

Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Legend Bamboo Flooring

If it's time to look at replacing a floor in your home or office, or you're building something new, be sure to consider bamboo. Its durable and aesthetic qualities make it a perfect choice for even high traffic areas. Home Legend, a company based out of Adairsville, Georgia, is a great source for bamboo flooring products. Their selection and quality are top notch, and their commitment to environmental protection is inspiring.

Bamboo flooring has become very popular in recent years. It is actually a grass, not a hardwood, and it grows incredibly fast. How incredible? The amount of time it would take an oak tree to be ready for harvest is about 40 years, give or take. Bamboo is ready to roll in about 5 years. And it's amazingly prolific, hearty, and sustainable.

Home Legend takes pride not only in the fact that they offer such a naturally sustainable product, but also that the adhesives used in making the floor planking are held to the strictest of standards for low formaldehyde emissions and meet California Air Resource Board CARB 2 Compliance Standards, which is the highest standard out there.

Bamboo is also as strong as it gets for "wood" flooring. Home Legend offers a variety of styles, grains, and formats. First, you could choose standard solid bamboo, which is constructed by having wide, thick strips of the bamboo fused together horizontally to create a solid plank. You could also go with vertical engineered bamboo flooring, in which the bamboo strips are actually fused together with their narrow sides forming the top of the planking.

Either is functional and durable, but if strength is your highest priority, you might consider Home Legend's strand woven engineered bamboo flooring. In this process, thin strips and actually "left overs" from solid bamboo processing are woven and fused together to form the top layer of the engineered pieces. Strand bamboo is the hardest wood product out there and can take a lot of action.

Home Legend also offers their products in a wide selection of colors and styles, such as hand scraped (for that authentic, rustic look) or smooth and colors from pale blonde to dark chestnut or walnut — and several in between.

So take a look at Home Legend's bamboo flooring products when you're ready to get the ball rolling. You'll be impressed with their craftsmanship and dedication to quality as well as environmental responsibility.