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Product Review: Stepco Bamboo

Posted: Friday, January 21, 2011

Stepco Bamboo Flooring

Do you need a beautiful, durable flooring product that will bring warmth and a rustic glow to your home or office at an affordable cost? Then look no further than Stepco Lifetime Floors. This company has been around the block, having been in business for the past 32 years, and they know how to deliver quality products at quality prices.

Bamboo, one of Stepco's hard wood flooring lines, is one of the most sustainable, renewable products in the world for manufacturing flooring. Though it's categorized as a hard"wood" product, bamboo is not wood at all but actually grass. There are bamboo plantations in several countries across the world, and Stepco, as a reputable company, only uses bamboo that is harvested from plantations or in managed growth areas to ensure the continuation of the plants. Its fast growing nature makes it perfect for a high-demand industry such as flooring. It's also one of the toughest materials that can still give you that warm look and feel you want.

Stepco offers a variety of combinations of color and style in their bamboo line. You can get horizontal, vertical, or strand woven floor planks, which all use an interlocking system that makes installation easy. All bamboo is tough and can take quite a bit of abuse, but strand woven bamboo is the hardest because it's made from thin strips of bamboo and waste material left over from processing the other types of bamboo flooring products being glued and fused together to create a strength that is unparalleled…think of breaking one hair, not so hard, right? Now think of breaking whole ponytail in the same way. That's the advantage of strand woven bamboo.

The colors Stepco offers are fantastic. You can get very dark or light wood colors or even bamboo that has been stained dark brown called Night or almost an terra cotta color called Amber. There are several choices for any taste.

You can also decide what style you want as well. All Stepco bamboo flooring is engineered, the second closest style to traditional solid wood. Engineered flooring , though, uses a fraction of the raw material that solid planking does, so there again, Stepco is doing its part to stay ecofriendly in this fast paced, fast changing world.