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Product Review: Alfagres Tile

Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alfagres Tles

In 1984, North America got a gift: Alfagres tile. The company had been in the European and South American markets since about 1955, with its headquarters in Bogota, Columbia.

Beginning with their terrazzo line, traditional Italian-style marble, they soon added quarry tile to their offering, and now this global company offers their original tile products as well as top-quality ceramics, metal, glass, and resin wall and floor coverings.

Alfagres prides itself on, number one, its quality products, but also its dedication to helping the people in the areas where their factories are located, as well as doing its part to be environmentally responsible.

Alfagres has a program called the NUKI project in Columbia that gives people who might need help improving their quality of life, the opportunity to learn skills that will give them the income to stay out of the drug processing trade. If you have a minute, check out their website for inspiring stories about some of Alfagres' employees who have been brought out of challenging circumstances by the NUKI program.

Alfagres is also committed to protecting the environment and providing products to their customers they can feel good about. The company has stringent policies in place regarding the proper elimination of waste, and they go the extra mile some companies do not in their manufacturing processes. For one, they reclaim approximately 85% of the water used in making their products, and they even recycle their post-production dust. They also have a line of glass line that uses recycled bottles. Alfagres takes their commitment to the environment seriously.

Aesthetically, you'll have hard time finding anyone who can beat Alfagres' mix of durability and beauty. Their handcrafted artistry is breathtaking! The designs they are able to create with tile that flow "seamlessly" from tile to tile is truly an inspiration. They offer several different colors and styles in their various lines of quarry, terrazzo, and ceramic tiles that all give a rich, luxurious feel to your space. You can select from varying sizes available in intricate, embellished designs or solid colors that range from baby blue to dark, rustic brown to gleaming stone white and about everything in between.

You can't go wrong with Alfagres, and you can feel good about supporting a company that supports its people and environment.

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