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Stonebridge Vinyl Flooring by Tarkett

Posted: Monday, January 17, 2011

Stonebridge Vinyl flooring from Tarkett

Don’t be scared off by the term vinyl floor. Stonebridge flooring by Tarkett brings the old linoleum floor look to a new level — actually you can't even recognize it. Vinyl flooring is durable, resistant to moisture, and is ultimately low maintenance, which I know everyone looks for with the craziness life can hold.

Stonebridge vinyl flooring can be installed over normal subfloor — other vinyl, tile, plywood, or concrete. Moisture is the biggest enemy of vinyl flooring installation. If you will be installing on cement, you need to do a moisture test first to make sure it is below acceptable rates so the adhesive will adhere properly. The surface needs to be smooth and free of dirt and debris. If installing on plywood, you need to make sure it is a smooth surface quality-grade plywood, again, so the adhesive will have no problem securing a tight hold. There are lots of other factors to consider for installing vinyl flooring, so just be sure to consult your installation guidelines before starting to lay down your floor.

Care and maintenance of vinyl flooring couldn't be easier. Basically mopping with non-wax, non-abrasive cleaners or just soapy water and rinse. You can also apply a vinyl polish recommended for your exact product to renew that beautiful shine that can dull down over time. Life also gouges you — and your floor — once in a while. If a rip or gouge doesn't penetrate much below the surface, just clean the area with mineral spirits, allow to dry, and then apply an approved seam sealer to the area. Should be good as new. If you do have to replace a portion of the floor, just go to the overage supply you kept from your installation and carefully cut out a replacement section, cutting in the darkest sections of the design if possible.

Vinyl flooring by Stonebridge can be a dead-ringer for ceramic tile. From a distance, it would be difficult for most to determine whether the floor is tile or vinyl. But the vinyl product does something ceramics or stone can do — absorb sound and cushion the floor as you walk. Vinyl gives you a softer, warmer feel. Tarkett vinyl is available in just about any look, color, and style you can imagine. In addition to tile, vinyl flooring can mimic wood or stone — anything goes. (You can even get it in camo.)