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Product Review: Mannington Laminate

Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mannington Lamainate Flooring

A good quality option for flooring is laminate. I know, some might turn their noses up at using a hardwood facsimile, but technology has come a long way in enabling companies like Mannington to provide an affordable, beautiful, resilient laminate flooring option that would give any "real" hardwood a run for its money — not to mention it blows traditional hardwood away in ease of use and maintenance!

Mannington, a family-owned company, is the manufacturer of several flooring products from vinyl to porcelain to hardwoods and laminates and takes pride in its commitment to providing the highest quality products, doing so with utmost consideration given to protecting the environment. Laminate flooring is composed of a core of fiberboard, which is created from scraps and sawdust from saw mill production, so inherently laminate flooring is eco-friendly because its base is made from "waste" products.

The layer of the flooring you see is basically a paper that has the wood or tile design printed on it and is glued to the top of the fiberboard core. Mannington uses low-VOC adhesive and water-based ink in their manufacturing process, which means a cleaner and safer indoor environment than some other flooring products are able to claim. The surfaces of the planks or tiles are then impregnated with a melamine coating with aluminum oxide, which is what gives the flooring its incredible strength and durability. These coating products are not only low-VOC, but Mannington laminates have received the coveted FloorScore certification, which gives it the highest thumbs-up possible for indoor emissions.

Laminate flooring is easy to install, however Mannington does suggest using professional installers to make certain your floor performs at its best for the life of the product — 25+ years — making laminate a nice, lower-cost investment. It is installed via a glueless tongue-and-groove system in which the planks simply "click" together, forming a seamless, rich look that resembles hardwood flooring or ceramic tile.

Though laminate floors are by definition durable and can handle traffic and abuse with grace, chips, stains, and scratches are still possible. A great line of defense is to use doormats at all of the outside doors of your home of business. These help by not allowing debris from the outside that sticks to people's shoes to be tracked in onto the floor. Beyond that, you want to simply vacuum or sweep the floor as needed and occasionally mop with an approved Mannington cleaning product, which is listed in your product's documentation. Just be sure not to flood the floor with water or use abrasive cleaners or waxes or lacquers on your laminate floor.

Laminate just can't be beat if cost is a factor for your flooring project and if you want a floor that will be about as low maintenance as it can get. Take a look at Mannington's enormous selection of styles and colors, and there's sure to be one right for you!