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Care and Maintenance of Cork Flooring

Posted: Monday, January 10, 2011

Cork Flooring Care & Maintenance

Cork flooring can be a beautiful addition to your home or office. Its unique look and eco-friendly nature as well as its resiliency and warmth make it a popular choice. As with any type of product you use, you need to consult the manufacturer for how to properly maintain your floor. There are some pretty common sense basics to follow, though, that will extend the life of your cork and keep it beautiful.

Just use a dry or slightly damp mop. You don't want to flood the floor, and any liquid that hits it should be dried quickly, including cleansers, wash water, or spills. You can use cleaners made specifically for cork flooring from your manufacturer, or just a diluted mixture of water and baking soda and/or white distilled vinegar can work wonders. Just be sure and rinse with fresh water lightly and dry after cleaning.

Though cork flooring is a resilient, durable product, you still need to protect it from a few common offenses. Use mats at doors that open to the outside so as much grit and dirt are removed from people's shoes as possible before they walk on the floor, but don't use rubber backed mats as they can trap moisture and ruin the cork. Or have people remove their shoes. You can't eliminate it all, but give it your best shot.

Also be sure that your furniture legs are covered and cushioned with felt or padding. Even though cork bounces back better than any flooring product out there, extended pressure in a small diameter can cause the cork to hold indents. When moving furniture, be sure not to drag it and make sure the floor is protected from metal or wooden bases or feet. One other thing about cork…it is not resistant to UV rays. Use furniture, blinds, or draperies to filter or block direct sunlight that some areas of the floor day in and day out to avoid fading.

When you do start to see some wear or some areas that have lost their gloss, you can certainly reapply some polyurethane and acrylic finishing products (again be sure to consult your manufacturer for the best choice for your flooring and the best way to apply).