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Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Bamboo Floor

Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011

Bamboo Floor Maintenance

Kkkkkkkkkk! Did you hear that? That was a rock on the bottom of your friend's shoe scraping across your new bamboo floor. For most floors, this might be a real problem, but with bamboo's strength and durability it might take such abuse with ease. If not, one of the many beauties of bamboo is that it can be resurfaced, even most engineered bamboo, just like traditional hardwood.

When you get your new floor, it's important to apply the right care and maintenance so that it will remain beautiful for the long haul. First, you should always check with your manufacturer to get the specifics on taking care of the exact floor your purchased. Always go with what they recommend, but here are some general "best practices" that can be put into place for any bamboo floor to keep it looking its best.

First, you never want to do a typical mopping of this kind of floor, as you might do with ceramic or porcelain tiles, or some vinyls. You should never flood a bamboo floor or use too much water. You basically want to dry mop, sweep, or vacuum the floor as often as feels right you to (use a light, gentle vacuum that will not scratch the floor).

If there are spots or stains that need a little boost to get out, take a 4:1 mixture of water (4) and vinegar (1) and wash down the areas you need to clean with a tightly wrung out cloth or barely damp sponge (just remember to use as little liquid as possible). And immediately dry the areas you clean. You don't want water to sit on the floor for any amount of time.

You can use a non-wax, gentle floor cleaner or wood cleaner for weekly cleaning if needed. Some manufacturers recommend applying sealer to a bamboo floor every six months to a year. Just check with your manufacturer.

If you move furniture or other items across the floor, don't let anything that might cause a scratch to be pulled across. You also want to make sure to place sturdy rugs at outside doors that enter into a room with your bamboo floor. Have people wipe feet and/or do a quick check of their shoes before sauntering across, or even remove their shoes. Also never let people wearing cleats or some high heels to walk on the floor.

A bamboo floor can take quite a bit, but to make that new look last, it's best to be a bit protective.