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Hawa Bamboo Flooring

Posted: Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Hawa Bamboo Flooring

Bringing it all together…beauty, smarts, strength. No, I'm not talking about your spouse. It's what bamboo can provide to you if you're looking to replace a floor. At Hawa Bamboo & Wood, they're serious about getting the right product into the right hands.

From exotic hardwoods and oak to bamboo, Hawa has it covered. Their bamboo products range from solid to engineered to strand woven planking. You can have that beautiful new floor at the right price and at the highest quality.

So what's so special about bamboo — especially for flooring? Bamboo has it all. Most importantly, bamboo is a resource we don't have to worry about deforesting. It is one of the most prolific and fastest-growing plants in the world. While a deciduous tree such as maple or oak might take 40 years to become harvestable, bamboo takes only about 5 years. It is hearty and grows on controlled plantations that suppliers like Hawa buy from, so its sustainability is guaranteed. You can feel good that the bamboo flooring you get from Hawa is not coming at a trade-off for the health of the environment.

Bamboo is also exceptionally tough and beautiful. It outranks traditional hardwood on hardness tests, and if you select a strand woven bamboo product, then you take that level of durability up even higher. In regular, solid bamboo flooring, varying widths of bamboo are cut from the plant and fused together under high heat and pressure with low-VOC adhesive to form the planks you see as your final product.

With strand woven products, smaller strips and strands of bamboo are actually "woven" together and then put through the same pressurization process. But because of this extra step and using smaller strips of the bamboo, the planks that are produced through this method are the standard for strength and durability.

And as a bonus with the strand technique, they are able to use the "leftovers" that are produced when bamboo is milled for traditional planking — yet another gold star for Hawa's eco-friendly status.

And one more thing about this product…in addition to the natural strength of the bamboo, Hawa's flooring is given an 8-coat aluminum oxide/polyurethane finish, which brings the durability up even another notch.

Available in a wide range of colors and styles from natural to stained cherry and distressed looks, Hawa will have a look that works for you.