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Product Review: FloorAge Bamboo Flooring

Posted: Monday, January 3, 2011
FloorAge Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is the bomb (uh, bomb-boo?). It's becoming an incredibly popular material for various products, but most commonly flooring. Its strength outperforms traditional hardwood flooring and rivals it in its beauty and aesthetics. FloorAge Bamboo is a forerunner in supplying reliable, quality bamboo flooring.

The primary reason bamboo is rising on contractors' materials lists everywhere is that bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly products for flooring out there. Bamboo is cultivated in several places around the world. It is highly prolific and hearty. And while it might take a cherry tree 30 years to be ready for harvesting, bamboo only takes 4 to 6 years and is fully sustainable. Environmental health is important to people everywhere as well as materials companies, especially FloorAge. Rest assured that your bamboo floor didn't come at too high a cost to the environment.

FloorAge offers a variety of bamboo products. You can get engineered or solid planking, regular or strand woven, and in several colors and textures, including a hand-scraped line that gives that distressed look so many people are looking for.

Engineered bamboo is different from the solid product in that several thin layers of bamboo are actually fused to a plywood core to form the planking. Solid is, of course, simply strips of bamboo that have been glued together under great pressure to produce the final product we see. Strand woven is a variation of solid bamboo flooring. It is solid, but the strips that are used are much smaller and are actually "woven" together and then put under the same fusing process.

All bamboo flooring is durable and can take quite a bit of traffic, but strand woven bamboo floors are even tougher. To get the color into…actually out of in this case…the bamboo, it is put through a process called carbonization in which the strips are boiled for different time periods. As the material is heated, the color of the fibers darken—the longer the heating, the darker the color. FloorAge offers several colors including natural, chestnut, ginger, and java.

Consider Floorage bamboo for your next flooring project — you won't be disappointed!