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Product Review: Azrock Vinyl Flooring

Posted: Thursday, December 30, 2010
Azrock Vinyl Flooring

Do you want a floor that makes a statement? A floor you can customize to get a totally unique, elegant look? If so, take a look at vinyl by Azrock. Their vinyl flooring comes in a huge range of colors, patterns, and styles. You can mix and match colors and have the flooring tiles cut to make a custom design that will pop. Whether it is installed in a kitchen or bath or a retail or commercial space, vinyl flooring can provide years of beauty and strength and give your room a look that reflects your personal style.

Vinyl flooring tiles are made from PVC, which some people worry might be harmful to the environment. Put your fears to rest. PVC is made from a combination of chlorine (derived from one of our most abundant natural resources—salt) and ethelyne, which is made from petroleum or natural gas. Of all the plastics manufactured, PVC uses half the petroleum required to make other types of plastics.

Azrock is fully committed to the protection of the environment and only uses low emitting binding products and adhesives, and the product itself ranks very low on the VOC scale. Azrock also takes recycling as a serious piece of their vinyl puzzle. All of their styles use pre- and post-consumer material. Pre-consumer product refers to production scrap, and post-consumer materials are those that have already been distributed and/or used.

Azrock vinyl tiles come in three basic styles that can be used in residential or commercial settings: Asset (standard and premium composition tile), Advance (vinyl enhanced tile), and Achieve (solid vinyl tile). They are all a bit different and are recommended for different settings, but all of them are up of a high percentage of limestone, and they shoot for around 20% recycled vinyl.

All flooring takes some maintenance to keep looking its best, but vinyl is easy to care for and maintain. Be sure to use mats at entrances to reduce the amount of dirt and grit that is tracked onto the floor (don't use rubber-backed mats, though, because they can stain the vinyl over time). Though some of the products require some installation/initial surface finishing steps, to maintain an Azrock vinyl floor, you basically just need to use a damp mop, making certain not to flood the floor. You can also use buffers when it starts to look a bit dull to renew the floor's original luster.

Check out Azrock vinyl flooring and their huge selection of products, add your personal touch, and you can have a unique floor that looks great and will last.