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Product Review: Bamboo Flooring from Dansk

Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Dansk Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional hardwood in Western cultures. Its beauty and durability rival most typical hardwood products, but bamboo's eco-friendly status makes is a great choice for home or most commercial settings. Price-wise, it's comparable to your typical hardwood choices. And Dansk Hardwood's Bamboo Fusion Collection is as top of the line as it gets.

The Bamboo Fusion name refers to the type of bamboo that is supplied by Dansk: strand-woven. All bamboo flooring is known for its strength and durability, but strand-woven products have that extra level of durability that's worth the investment, especially if you are installing the flooring in a high-traffic area that will be expected to take some abuse.

In producing "regular" bamboo flooring, whole cut strips of bamboo are fused together along with adhesive under extreme pressure to produce the planking. With strand-woven bamboo flooring, the sections of Moso bamboo are actually shredded into finer strips and then woven together during the pressurization. Think of trying to rip one piece of paper versus ripping a phone book. The woven "logs" are then cut into planking typically and coated with ten layers of anti-scratch finishit takes a lot to scratch these puppies!

Bamboo (which is actually a grass) is one of the most environmentally sustainable products on the market today. While it might take 40 years for a red oak to be ready for harvest, it might only take 4 5 years for a similar amount of bamboo to be ready for processing. The bamboo is also naturally UV-resistant and one of the toughest plants on earth, physically tough and environmentally tough.

The flooring comes in nine different grains and colors. The color you see is not from a stain or dye, though. The bamboo stalks are actually heated in a process called carbonization to achieve varying depths of color. The longer the carbonization, the darker the final product.

The planking installation is either via a tongue and groove method or the patented Uniclic floating floor system and can be installed over most existing subfloors. Do note that because strand-woven bamboo is created from scratch each time a supply of bamboo is shredded, your final product might not look exactly like the samples, but it should be very close kind of makes it nice to know you're the only one in the world with exactly your floor.