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Product Review: Konecto Flooring

Posted: Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Konecto Flooring

Do you need a new floor but don't have a big budget? Konecto by Metroflor might be the perfect choice for your flooring project. And it doesn't matter if you want the look of wood, bamboo, or tile — Konecto has it all. Konecto's flooring products are vinyl, but their expert designers have provided a huge range of designs and styles that give traditional flooring products a run for their money — along with a few bonuses wood and tile can't boast.

First, along with being affordable, Konecto's vinyl is easy to install, so it's perfect for the DIYer. You don't have to buy any additional products to install your Konecto floor—all you need is a clean surface and a utility knife. The tiles or planks have a unique adhesive locking system: Each plank has a "lip" to which an adjoining plank's sticky side is adhered to. It's a floating floor, so isn't glued down to the subfloor but to itself. Again, it's by far the easiest, cleanest floor installation you will find. To stagger wood-look planks, you just fit the planks together, score with a utility knife where needed, snap the plank apart, and then lock it down.

What's also great about Konecto is that it is waterproof and moisture-resistant and can be used anywhere in the home, even in bathrooms and basements, where most traditional wood flooring can't be used. This flooring is also warmer and can take a beating better than traditional wood or tile installations — and the company offers a 25-year warranty to back up those claims.

It's easy being green with Konecto, which means you can have the confidence that your new floor doesn't come at the cost of harming the environment. It's made from environmentally sustainable products and has a long life cycle, which contributes to its green status. Konecto also uses recycled vinyl whenever possible in its production, so the company gets double sustainability honors!

Be sure to consider Konecto for your next flooring project. Go see some for yourself, and you'll be convinced that from style to maintainability, Konecto has what you're looking for.