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Product Review: Earthwerks Flooring

Posted: Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Earthwerks Vinyl Flooring

The Earthwerks flooring company makes no bones about the fact that they make no natural flooring materials. Their lines are designed to mimic the natural wood, stone, and other minerals found in and on Mother Earth. Earthwerks proudly touts their mission: “to provide you with lasting beauty at affordable prices.”

Affordable pricing from the Earthwerks company comes in the form of four well-stocked product-lines: “Luxury Vinyl Plank,” “Luxury Vinyl Tile,” “Engineered Hardwood,” and “Laminate” flooring. The vinyl plank selections offered by Earthwerks run the gamut in terms of colors and types of wood-a-likes and their respective grain patterns. Among them are a very convincing and bright straw-colored Bamboo, a lovely light-brown oak imitation called Rapture, plus several old-style flooring styles with names like Vintage, Antiques, and Classics.

The vinyl tile category is where a customer will find the mineral-looking tiles that mimic slate, stone, and ceramic. Under this heading, there are appellations like Mojave, Sorrento, Chelsea, and Pavia. The textures are rich and interesting, and range in color from chalk white of the Ceramic Stone to the dark earth-tones and violets of Montego Slate.

Under Engineered Hardwood, there is another smooth, bright Bamboo, followed by the many bold and natural-looking color variations found in natural wood veneers, like oak, maple, and cherry, as well as the aggressive, rustic grain patterns found in wood flooring the world over.

Earthwerks offers what appears to be a floating laminate system called Everclick. Everclick comes in four shades of a cherry grain pattern, and the rest of the laminate flooring that they offer brings several bright and vibrant stain colors to each of the selections. They sell what looks like traditional cherry, walnut, poplar, and maple.

Earthwerks seems to be dedicated to providing quality flooring at a reasonable cost. And that means that they don’t specialize, like some do, in all-natural flooring materials. But the company does make very attractive vinyl, engineered, and laminate offerings. So, although the planks and tiles don’t come from nature, Earthwerks appears to be driven to make beautiful flooring that looks natural enough, and flooring that will certainly appeal to the discriminating homeowner.