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Product Review: Nafco Synthetic Flooring

Posted: Friday, December 3, 2010
Nafco Synthetic Flooring

Nafco, a division of the Tarkett company, makes a large selection of flooring products in four separate categories: modular, permastone, classic tiles and classic planks. All of the categories contain flooring styles that are engineered to be durable imitations of natural wood, stone, slate, and ceramics. The modular, permastone, and classic tiles are all mineral substitutes, while the classic plank group is made up of engineered wood strips.

Though all of the flooring offered by Nafco is artificial, the company has made a significant commitment to a green profile in the flooring industry. The company even operates their manufacturing processes according to the acronym, “GREEN,” which outlines their commitment to protecting the environment for future generations by complying with regulations and continuously improving their factory processes.

Among other important eco-friendly resolutions, Nafco keeps the majority of its manufacturing resources within 200 miles of the plant, maintains a stringent continuous improvement plan, and insists on recycling close to 100% of their scrap. For a company that synthesizes the majority of its product, Nafco really does want to maintain a small environmental footprint.

Among the four categories, Nafco offers over 40 distinct patterns. And among those, there are several colors each. So all-in-all, the company offers a large complement of flooring choices. The material that makes Nafco flooring so durable is called Tritonite, essentially ceramic spheres embedded in the urethane finish. Also, each of the product comes finished with one of three types of edging: Rolled Edge, which is basically rounded off for a smooth feeling floor, a Beveled Edge, which defines the lines between planks or tiles, and a Grout Fit, which leaves a trough to be filled with a seam sealer, or grout, for an uninterrupted surface.

Nafco is proud of their durable line of flooring products, and offers a section of their web-site as a flooring and general decorating help page known as The Design Center. There, they offer insights and practical advice on designing a room, and picking the right components (including a new flooring style) that meet a customer’s desires.

Nafco maintains a high commitment to durable and attractive synthetic flooring products, as well as responsible stewardship of natural resources.