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Product Review: Hawa Bamboo Plus

Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2010
Hawa Bamboo

Bamboo is a remarkable natural resource. And in the last decade, bamboo has become a serious contender in the flooring market for exactly that reason. Hawa is a seventeen-year old flooring manufacturer that specializes in bamboo products, and the company confidently touts the unique environmentally friendly aspects of the plant.

Bamboo that is harvested for flooring and other applications, unlike other hardwoods, is cut above the root structure, and continues to replenish itself in the same area, never requiring re-seeding or crop rotation. In fact, growing at a rate of up to six inches per day, bamboo is almost impossible to deforest. It is an incredibly robust grass that has natural anti-bacterial properties so that it repels pests, and it grows in such dense forests that it doesn’t allow for weeds. These aspects of bamboo translate to little need for any artificial chemical applications.

Hawa produces bamboo flooring products in seven configurations: solid wood, engineered floors, distressed styles, bamboo on high-density fiberboard (HDF), a “clic” system, as well as pre-stained and strand-woven flooring. The stains that Hawa offers range from bright natural off-white to natural dark colors, so the homeowner is sure to find a color that works well with an existing décor.

Although Hawa has specialized in the distribution and sale of bamboo, the company has also recently begun to offer other wood flooring material solutions. Their web-site shows examples of white oak, in solid, engineered, and distressed styles, as well as a complement of maple and birch offerings. The solid and engineered oak is available in a classic variety of traditional stains, from light “white” to a golden brown. Hawa offers a few very bold stains with their distressed oak planks, and the maple and birch colors are quite a wide range, from very light maple to very dark, walnut brown stains.

In addition to these woods, Hawa also makes flooring products from what they label as “exotics.” These are Brazilian Cherry and Teak, Santos Mahogany, and Tigerwood. All in all, Hawa has made their name creating quality bamboo flooring that satisfies the most discriminating environmentalist with its renewable nature. But the company has diversified its offerings to include selections for the discriminating decorator as well.