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Carpet Tiles Review: Milliken

Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Product Review: Milliken Carpet Tiles

Did you ever think you could install your own carpet (or would ever want to)? With carpet tiles by Milliken, this is not only possible, but a great way to go. Their carpet tiles come in a wide array of colors, patterns, and piles, just as rolled carpet does, but they offer some great flexibility and ease of use that traditional carpet can't match.

First, carpet tiles are the perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers because anyone can lay this type of flooring; it's quick, and it's affordable. You can even go to Milliken's Project Center on their website, plug in your room dimensions, and it will tell you how and where to start laying your tiles. It can't get much easier. Once installed, you won't be able to tell the carpet is made up of 20" squares. It will look as seamless as any carpet you've seen (unless, of course, a paneled look is what you're going for there are options for that too.).

The tiles are attached directly to your subfloor (or even over existing vinyl or laminate), which upon installation must be free of all oils, dust, dirt, or debris to allow the TractionBack™ adhesive to do its thing. This glue-free, high-friction coating has a lateral grip and keeps tiles in place securely under any traffic. But when you want to replace a tile, the coating releases easily as it is lifted vertically.

That brings us to one of the top benefits of tiled carpeting. Let's say, unbeknownst to you, your daughter uses a half-empty gallon of red paint as the anchor for her tent of blankets in your living room, and you hear "Oops!" resonate through the house. If you have traditional carpet, you're going to be cutting out sections and praying you can find someone to piece it back together. But if you use carpet tiles, no problem. Just lift off the now-red tiles and restick the extras you kept from your initial order. You'll still need to give some major lectures, but the floor is saved. Carpet tiles also provide easy access to wiring and plumbing that under the floor.

As you can see, carpet tiles are an excellent choice for flooring for homes, offices, schools, and daycares, just to name a few. If your priorities are durability, flexibility, affordability, and ease of installation, then carpet tile flooring might just be the right choice for your project.