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Vinyl Flooring Review: Artistek

Posted: Monday, November 22, 2010

Artistek Vinyl Product Review

So you're looking to redesign your dining room and office and want put in gorgeous new floors, but you're on a pretty tight budget. How about vinyl?

Not so fast. While you might think you'd never install vinyl in rooms where you want a rich, warm, luxurious look, that's only because you haven't seen Artistek's collection of premium vinyl plank and tile flooring. They have brought the image of vinyl, not up to the next level, but through the roof.

Vinyl has always been a great cost-effective flooring choice for high traffic areas. It's durable, easy to install, and easy to maintain. And for kitchens, laundry rooms, and break rooms it's been a fine choice. But until recently it hasn't been much of a consideration for other areas of the home and office. Artistek flooring is the perfect combination of the hardiness of vinyl and the beauty of hardwood or ceramic.

The artistry of these vinyl planks and tiles is astounding. They are made to duplicate the look of various hardwoods, stone, and ceramic, and do they ever. You can hardly tell the difference by looking. Add this to the affordability and ease of installing and maintaining vinyl, and it's an easy choice. You never have to resurface vinyl, it absorbs sound and shock, and to clean it you just use soap and water. Couldn't be easier or more functional.

Artistek floors are installed by gluing down the planks or tiles, but they are 100% dimensionally stable. They also resist stains and are anti-static. There are some simple, quick tips to follow to keep your vinyl flooring looking its best.

One, try to use blinds and draperies to keep direct sunlight from consistently shining on your floor. You also want to make sure your furniture feet/legs have 1 to 2-inch diameter cups or gliders capping them to avoid indentations and punctures. Also use mats and rugs at outside doorways to help remove grit particles such as small rocks and sand from people's shoes because they can rip or scratch the surface coating. Vinyl can discolor, so be sure to clean household spills straight away and do not use rubber-backed floor mats because some types can react with the vinyl and leave stains.

Give vinyl a look yourself, and you might just have found your flooring answer.