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Ceramic Tiles Review: Mohawk

Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2010

Product Review Mohawk Ceramic Tile

Tiles—you see them everywhere from bathrooms and kitchens, to showers and backsplashes. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are so popular because of their beauty and ease of installation and maintenance. Depending on your choices, it's a cost-effective choice as well because those who have the time and energy to install their own tiles can easily do so. Mohawk, an industry leader in all types of floor covering, manufactures several styles and types of tiles you can select from for your home or office project.

Mohawk rates all of their tile with a scratch hardness rating. It actually helps determine the best use of various tile products based on how "soft" it is, or how easily it is scratched. Level 5 or higher is for use in residential flooring, and level 7 would be targeted for commercial and high traffic applications. Not only does Mohawk help you make the right choice with regard to their tile flooring's scratch resistance; it also rates its products on how durable they are—how much traffic, and what traffic brings with it, it can handle, based on a rating of 1-5.

Last, Mohawk also classifies their tiles based on how much moisture they can be exposed to because the wrong decision here can greatly reduce the life of your floor. You certainly wouldn't want to install a tile floor in a patio area with product that cannot withstand inclement weather or lots of footsteps. Mohawk makes it easy.

Maintenance = light: What a great quality in a floor! And most ceramic tile is just that. Once the tile is installed (if you have done it yourself), you want to seal the grout joints with a silicon-based sealant. This is very important to protect it from stains and chipping. Because different tiles have different qualities, you need to make certain you use the appropriate cleaners and conditioners on your floor as well. Mohawk's ceramic tile flooring is also resistant to odor and bacteria, so they're an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Just as tile has a million uses, it also has myriad colors, looks, and textures to choose from. Mohawk features four basic collections: Slate, Natural, Rustic, and Classic. Tiles are engineered to resemble stone and marble found in nature and provide a luxurious, solid look to your rooms. They also offer within these collections glazed, glazed porcelain, and ColorBody porcelain that provide even more choices to get you to the look you envision. So follow the crowd to the world of ceramics—you'll be glad you did.